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Reading tutor, serving students at the Dublin Branch Library or in your home by request, if the schedule allows. Using fun and engaging multisensory Science of Reading aligned instruction to teach kids how to read as intervention or prevention of future reading struggle. Science of Reading aligned instruction is beneficial for all, hurts no one and is necessary for some. I am now offering a separate PENMANSHIP program!

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About Me

Welcome and thank you for being here! My name is Lynn Heward and I live in Dublin, OH with my husband and our son (6), our daughter (4) and our fur babies (14). My love for teaching evolved when I was a kid and it was always my dream to become a teacher! In 2005, I obtained a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education with a Pre-K-3 license from Ohio University, in 2008 I earned a Master's degree in Special Education (Applied Behavior Analysis) from The Ohio State University. I started my career as a classroom teacher in 2005 through 2019 working within Urban school districts teaching grades K-3 with the majority of my career teaching 2nd grade, during this time I served as an Intervention Specialist one year and private tutored students grades 2-12 over the course of several summers. I transitioned into a Reading Intervention position in 2019 where I served as a Primary Literacy Specialist for the last 4 years and have grown a passion for teaching reading inparticular and learning effective teaching strategies! I stay up-to-date on the latest Science of Reading practices through ongoing professional development through LETRS (accredited by the International Dyslexia Association) training, conference opportunities and staying active in my professional online community. Within the last 2 years I have obtained my Reading Endorsement and the K-12 reading teacher licensure. I like to get to know my students and align my instruction with their individual needs. I can recognize and value what makes each child unique and what motivates them. I lead with patience, empathy, and the ability to change my delivery in a way for students to gain understanding. After equipping my students with the necessary phonics skills, I allow opportunities for Productive Struggle (persevering and thinking flexibly using the skills and strategies they have instead of seeking immediate solution) when appropriate. Rewards offer encouragement so students will get to pick a PRIZE at the end of every session! The BEST part about teaching kids to read is witnessing the "Aha moment" when they sound out and read their first word or fluently read their first sentence and realize that they CAN read and it's actually FUN!

*I am serving emerging, striving and struggling readers in grades K-2 and struggling readers in grade 3 (students who need help with decoding). This is a Library based service, we meet there at your requested time. I follow the Dublin City Schools 2023-2024 traditional year calendar. I am open and closed when they are. Please refer to the calendar linked above. 

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"Lynn is one of the most hardworking educators I have had the opportunity to work with in my 14 years in education.  Her breadth of knowledge in regards to working with diverse learners, and struggling readers makes her a dynamic teacher.  Lynn focuses on helping students grow academically, socially, and behaviorally, all while making learning fun.  She is passionate about teaching struggling, emerging, and non-readers, and has sought out additional credentials and professional development to hone her skills.  She establishes professional relationships with her students and their families and communicates effectively.
I have greatly appreciated Lynn’s professionalism, integrity, interpersonal skills, and her ability to make data driven decisions.  She is the quality of individual you are seeking in any capacity.  Lynn is caring and passionate about seeing her students succeed.  She expects to make a difference in the lives of the students she serves and is the type of teacher that school districts and parents want working with their students."  

Tiffany L. (Educator)

"I utilized the tutoring services of Lynn Heward for two of my children. Both of my children were in high school when they worked with Ms. Heward. Ms. Heward was personable, respectful and professional in her interactions with both of my children. Both my children really enjoyed their sessions with Ms. Heward. Ms. Heward was prepared and knowledgeable in the subject areas she tutored. Ms. Heward has other desirable characteristics of a good tutor which include adaptability, energy, and openness.
Ms. Heward could re-assess and adapt her techniques to my children's needs. She was enthusiastic which is necessary when tutoring any child especially during the summer months. Ms. Heward valued my children because she was engaged with them the entire time during their sessions. 
I recommend Ms. Heward, and if you select Ms. Heward, I believe you will be pleased with her work."

Joan F. (Parent)

"Ms. Heward was our son’s tutor for two summers while he was in elementary school. He was on an IEP and needed extra support with reading, writing and math. Ms. Heward created a lesson plan that kept him engaged and also challenged him. She was always caring, professional and quick to pick up on his needs. Our son never complained about giving up his time in the summer to do school work. Ms. Heward made it fun."

Kim M. (Parent)

My first contact with Ms. Heward was when I observed her teaching a lesson on a DVD used in a Special Education textbook widely used around the country. Her teaching style reflected instructional methods that research indicate will enhance learning for a student who struggles in any subject area. Her delivery of the lesson was animated and perky, the students were actively engaged, she provided frequent feedback, she maximized the percentage of time that her students were engaged in learning activities and her students had a high level of success throughout the lesson. Since then, I have recommended Ms. Heward as a tutor for a number of parents whose children are struggling in reading or are diagnosed with a learning disability in reading. Feedback from parents was positive in her commitment to helping her students make progress and develop new skills. She holds herself accountable for student progress and when she needs additional resources, she takes the initiative to find them. Some of the skills she has taught effectively to students with and without disabilities in reading include sound/letter recognition, phonemic awareness, blending, segmenting, regular/irregular words, sentence reading, vocabulary and comp. In addition, she is always open to learning and gaining knowledge as was evident when she attended the international Dyslexia Association conference. Her training and experiences put her in a unique position of relating to both general and special educators, a collaboration that is essential in Special Education.

Mary D., M.S. (Learning Disabilities/Reading Specialist/OSU Instructor/Author)

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Penmanship Program

Explicit and systematic handwriting instruction using a multi-sensory approach that follows the principals of handwriting instruction. Lower- and upper-case letter formation taught, reinforcing effective work habits such as correct posture, paper position and pencil grip. 2 letters taught during each 30-minute session, starting with the most frequently seen lower-case letters. The complete course is 26 sessions but do as few or as many as you choose. 

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